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A sneak peek of my journey to master AI and data engineering

In my second and third blog posts, I discussed the basic outline of my learning journey as a language specialist willing to become a language engineer. For those who have missed the posts and do not feel like reading them, I am a postdoctoral researcher in theoretical linguistics and plan a move into industry as a language engineer towards March 2023. In order to be job-ready when the time comes, I am using my spare time to up skill and learn about Python programming, data engineering, ML and DL techniques, and NLP (more or less in this order!).

While I have already disclosed that I chose to learn Python by means of a AI Programming with Python nanodegree from Udacity, I am yet to discuss the AI and data engineering part. Curious?

Given that I really want to master ML and data science by the time I start applying for a job in industry, I have decided to choose the hard (and more expensive) route and enrol in the 18-week ML training offered by AiCore. The AiCore training is the most complete on-line bootcamp that I found out there, and also includes interactive sessions, as well as mentorship and career support. As industry is a whole new world for me, I truly believe that I can use this type of guidance to succeed. Additionally, I have talked to 50+ people on LinkedIn who have either attended the training in the past or are in the process of completing it (sorry for the stalking, y'all!), and I have only received enthusiastic feedback about the course curriculum, the instructors, and more generally the whole experience.

In a nutshell, the course starts out with software and cloud engineering essentials, and then specialises you in either data engineering, data science or machine learning engineering. My intention is to choose the either the DS or the ML specialism, we'll see how things unfold!

The AiCore training features daily live sessions from 6:30 to 9:30 and requires an overall commitment of about 20 hours a week. Given that I work full-time and have two young children at home, I will normally stop all other extra work activities when doing the training ('normally' is the key here, as I tend to overwork myself and get excited about absolutely everything I come across on the internet).

I will tell you more about the AiCore training nearer the starting date, which will be some time towards the end of June. For now, see you later! My next post will be about the first capstone project for my AI Programming with Python nanodegree from Udacity.

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