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Welcome to my blog and journey!

Hello everyone,

I'm Caterina! Welcome to my blog.

In the upcoming months, I will be using this space to document my professional transition from academia to tech. I am willing to create a community of language professionals working or aspiring to work in tech. The main reason why I've created this blog is to find like-minded students and professionals who might be interested in joining me in this up skilling journey.

Who am I?

I am an Italian-born linguist, currently located in the UK but open to move back to Europe.

What do I do?

I am a post-doctoral researcher in theoretical linguistics at the University of Cambridge. I specialise in the comparative syntax of the Romance languages.

What are my plans?

When my current project ends, I'll leave academia for tech. In the meantime, on top of my work and family duties, I'll take some classes and work on a few projects to be industry-ready by March 2023.

Why tech?

I have spent the last decade in academia, thinking of what happens when data meet theory. Now, I want to discover what happens when data meet practice. Also, I am fond of technologies for human-computer interaction.

What is my dream role?

I am willing to become a language engineer.

How do I plan to get there?

This will be the subject of my next post. Stay tuned :)

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