Welcome to the section of my website dedicated to my projects!


For now, you'll find information about the three major academic project on which I have been involved as a researcher. Soon, I'll share an additional couple of NLP projects on which I have been working. Stay tuned! 

Different types of focus in diachrony: formal and typological variations.

Postdoctoral researcher

How and when did cleft structures appear in the Romance languages? In this project, we try to answer this question utilising text-mining and corpus linguistics techniques, and then analyse the data in light of the latest advances of generative grammar.


More info on the project, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, can be accessed using the buttons on the right-hand side of this component.

Project page

The fine structure of Romance interrogative it-clefts.

Post-doctoral researcher

Optional wh-in situ in French interrogatives: Syntax and prosody.

Research Assistant